Suzhou Office-Head


苏州工作室负责人│胡 新宇(Xinyu Hu)



The way of Mikami Architects’s thinking is not impatient or dull, it evolves with the times. I think that eastern architecture should fundamentally be like this: Even if it is pebbles, trees, flowers, or grass, they build upon the raison d’être of each, from how to use light to the careful attention of the flow of people; everything is the result of delicate and detailed study.

I am proud of both meeting and getting to know Mr. Mashiko and building Suzhou Office in China. I believe that if we make every possible effort, one after another, our superb designs will bear fruit in China in the near future. Building eastern architecture further east! Let’s bring our goals to fruition together!

Chinese Staff


中国市场宣传兼翻译│金 昱伸(Yushen Jin)

大家好!我叫金 昱伸,在三上建筑事务所负责中国市场宣传兼翻译。我们设计的建筑作品在遍布日本各地。



Hello everyone! My name is Yushen Jin and I am the head of public relations for China and interpreting at MIKAMI Architects.

Our office has managed the designs of numerous structures all over Japan, all of which are high-quality, high-tech, and Japanese-inspired.

In the future, MIKAMI Architects will continue to offer excellent designs and technology to China and the world.


结构设计办公室│陆 金明(Jinming Lu)




I have loved making things since I was a child, so I aspired to enter the architecture industry.

At MIKAMI Architects, all structural designs are done in-house.

Thus, we can intuitively share beautiful visions and perfectly execute imperceptible structural safety designs.

This is precisely what “Japanese Design” is and how we answer to the expectations of clients that desire “Japanese Designs”.